Targeting Specific Metabolic Compounds

Allena’s proprietary technological approach enables the company to design, formulate and deliver non-absorbed and stable enzymes orally and in sufficient doses for activity in the GI tract. This approach enables the company to develop enzyme therapies that degrade metabolites, such as oxalate and urate, within the GI tract, thereby preventing their absorption, which reduces potentially toxic metabolite levels in the blood and urine, and in turn, diminishes the disease burden on the kidney over time.

Off-target effects are minimized because of the high degree of enzyme specificity. 

Our proprietary and scalable manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce large quantities of our oral enzyme product candidates sufficient to support our clinical and commercial strategy in a cost-effective manner. 

The company’s lead product candidate, reloxaliase (formerly ALLN-177), is in clinical testing for the treatment of adult secondary hyperoxaluria, and a program is planned to address the orphan designations in pediatric hyperoxaluria and primary hyperoxaluria. The company’s second candidate, ALLN-346, is in early stage R&D for the treatment of hyperuricemia in patients with moderate to severe CKD. 

We have issued and pending patent applications covering reloxaliase and ALLN-346 in addition to the trade secrets that cover our manufacturing process.

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