Working Together Toward a Shared Vision

At Allena, we’re proud of our dynamic, thoughtful and engaging culture, and we are always looking for outstanding professionals to join our team.

We are innovators and collaborators. We fully appreciate our responsibility to the patients and to our stakeholder community, which is supporting our efforts to advance the development of novel oral enzyme therapeutics to treat complex metabolic complications.

Allena is currently seeking to fill the following openings with people who share our vision.To be considered for a position, please complete the form below and send us your resume. 

Process Engineer, Drug Product


Process engineer will provide technical support to global process/product research and development and supply chain & manufacturing operations with emphasis on spray drying and drug product formulation and manufacturing operations. This position supports the mid and late-stage development and manufacturing of the company’s lead biopharmaceutical product globally. Responsibilities include: 

  • Represent the company and/or lead process engineering projects in drug product development, scale-up and manufacturing; 
  • Work with the formulation development team to identify, review, and assess product formulations that could improve product quality, reduce cost, improve efficiency, or gain/protect intellectual property; 
  • Design and conduct testing independently or working with CMOs to evaluate process KPPs and CPPs, processing equipment cleaning and sanitization, cost reduction initiatives, or manufacturing capacity strategies; 
  • Represent the company or lead the efforts to validate granulation, blending and tableting/encapsulation processes; 
  • Provide technical and/or logistical support to facilitate the development and launch of the company’s lead product; 
  • Provide effective communication through verbal and written reports, timely updates, and knowledge sharing. 


  • BS in Chemical Engineering with a minimum of 5 years of development and/or manufacturing engineering experience. A technical background in a combination of dry granulation, blending, tablet production and packaging is strongly desired. 
  • Background or experience in physical chemistry/material science and pharmaceutical manufacturing is a plus 
  • Experience in tableting, encapsulation, granulation, particle coating, material/physicochemical characterization, colloidal particle interactions, application of physical chemistry and numerical methods to process design, statistical experimental design and data analysis are highly desired and are key aspects of this position. 
  • Adaptable to work on a variety of projects from engineering design to product research and development. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work on cross-functional teams and external vendors. 
  • Ability to travel up to 25% as needed. 
  • Preferred computer skills include MS Office applications, process modeling/simulation programs. 
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