About Allena

Treating Patients with Complex Metabolic Conditions

Allena Pharmaceuticals is focused on treating complex metabolic conditions that can lead to significant and costly health complications.

The company aims to reduce the burden of toxic metabolites such as oxalate and uric acid. These metabolites are normal byproducts of cellular activity and are also derived from the typical diet. In certain circumstances, they can build up and lead to complications such as hyperoxaluria and kidney stones (nephrolithiasis) in the case of oxalate, or hyperuricemia and gout in the case of uric acid. 

In the short term, reducing levels of oxalate and uric acid may improve outcomes in both hyperoxaluria and hyperuricemia. Longer term, reduction and control of toxic metabolites may help prevent or delay serious inflammatory, renal and cardiac complications.

Allena leverages its operational expertise in non-systemic oral protein delivery, formulation and manufacturing to develop specific, non-absorbed enzyme therapeutics that target toxic metabolites. The company’s lead product, ALLN-177, is a first-in-class non-absorbed oral enzyme that specifically degrades oxalate, a metabolic compound that is a component of most kidney stones. Early trials have shown that ALLN-177 significantly reduces urinary oxalate excretion.

Allena’s focus on non-absorbed oral enzymes has the potential to deliver therapies that are specifically designed to target a specific metabolic compound in the gut without systemic absorption.